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Monday, July 14th, 2008
5:11 am
The Christmas Robin by S. Roberts - ArticleCity.com
The Christmas Robin
 by: S. Roberts
The humble robin is a traditional Christmas symbol in the UK, the colourful bird often depicted on our festive greetings cards and Christmas gift wrapping. We also use little robin decorations to trim our Christmas trees and our Christmas cakes or chocolate logs. It's hardly surprising that we cherish this pretty, cheerful little bird as part of our Christmas festivities because he is so colourful and most other birds have migrated to warmer climates. And during our long bleak winters it lifts us to hear the chirpy song of the festive robin.

However, there is more to this chirpy fellow then just cute Christmas cards of him posing on snow covered post boxes and nesting in old copper watering cans.

Robins live through out Europe (Except the far North) and Western Siberia. We notice an increased number of robins in the UK during our winter months as robins in colder climates move to warmer wintering gathering grounds during the autumn.

Robins who live in close proximity to people can become rather tame, especially towards avid gardeners. Some cheeky robins have learned to take advantages of unearthed worms caused from gardeners digging and turning the soil.

It has also been discovered that robins can fish. Not for large fish though, the robin itself being only 14 cm and weighing between 14 and 21 grams. Robins can hover and dive for fish in shallow waters.

Male robins are very territorial and sing to proclaim their territory, what sound like a cheerful winter song to us is actually a warning of occupation to other robins in the area. Robins will fight to defend their territory.

Robins mate and nest in late March. The female robin builds a nest from dry dead leaves and moss in crevasses in trees, wall cavities or in under growth.

Because robins don't build traditional nests with twigs and sticks and instead simply line holes and crevasses is why we hear tales of robins nesting in old watering cans and wellington boots.

The female lays between 4 and 6 small white to slightly blue speckled eggs which she incubates for 2 weeks.

At two weeks old the robin chicks can fly. By this time the father robin feeds his offspring for a further 3 week until the chicks become independent at around five weeks old, meanwhile the female rears her second brood.

Chicks are not born with the trademark vibrant red breast feathers. They shed their chick feathers to make way for their splash of red on their breasts.

Not many robin chicks get to show off their new red feathers with pictures poses on top of snow covered post-boxes or pine-trees because more than a half of the chicks die during their first year.

However, robins can live up to the ripe old age of 5 years, which is something to sing about.

So spare a thought for this festive little bird this Christmas time because he works hard for his living. Maybe leave them some tasty Christmas treats on your bird table, some bacon rind and a stuffing ball. And maybe leave out a few old terracotta plant pots for a homeless female robin looking for somewhere to build their nests.

Sunday, June 15th, 2008
2:11 am
Getting Your Wedding Guests to Save The Date
Getting Your Wedding Guests to Save The Date
 by: Lauren Franklin
You are engaged - congratulations! Undoubtedly, immediately after your friends and family squeal with delight over your news, the first question they will ask is, "So when is the date?" It can be somewhat annoying, especially if you are very recently engaged, but really all your loved ones are asking so they can mentally save the date.
So begins your wedding planning. Obviously the first thing you need to do is start viewing places for your ceremony and reception, because without those there is no wedding.
Once you have nailed down your wedding's place and date - then its time to get the word out. This is especially important if you are having your wedding during peak wedding season (usually the spring, early summer) or over any holiday weekend. Keep in mind, that while surely your guests are looking forward to celebrating with you, they can have conflicts. Wedding season unfortunately conflicts with graduation season, and long weekends are usually booked up with vacation plans way in advance.
If possible, you want to send your save the date cards out 6-9 months in advance. Lean toward the longer end of that spectrum if you have guests coming long distance or if you have a popular wedding date booked.
Now comes the fun part.
What should they look like? Do they have to match? Who should I send them to? What should my save the dates say? How much information do I need to include? The answer to all those questions is easy. Its entirely up to you and your fiancee. As long as the most important information is on there - your names and your date all the rest is gravy. However, to help guide you through the decision making we offer these words of advice.
What should they look like?
Save the dates are your opportunity to get the word out about your approaching wedding in fun, expressive way. Save the date announcements can be more casual than your more formal wedding invitation. However, keep in mind this is your chance to create a first impression. Your guests will receive your save the date and start forming impressions on what kind of event it will be. So we suggest you be unique, but use high quality materials. Nothing sends the wrong message like flimsy materials.
Some suggestions for unique save the dates can be found here:
.allthepieces.com/Productdesc.aspx?pID=142&cID=490 .allthepieces.com/Productdesc.aspx?pID=234&cID=986
Do they have to match?
Nope. They don't have to match the rest of your wedding, but they can. If you are the kind of person who has been dreaming of what your wedding would look like even before you were engaged then perhaps you have some ideas already for color themes, design styles, etc. If that's the case, great! Work with it! However, often times those types of wedding decisions are not solidified so early in the game so don't sweat it. The priority is to get those save the dates in the mail so you get on your guests' calendars. Another consideration, if you are the type A personality with your wedding plans all mapped out, you are going to be seeing a lot of those colors or design decisions over the upcoming months. So much so that you might get a little sick of your chosen colors (gasp! Say it isn't so!) The save the date offers the opportunity to use your second choice color ideas, just to mix it up a bit. The point is, if you see something completely unrelated to your wedding ideas that you absolutely love - go for it!
Who do I send them to?
Lose the notion that the save the date has to be sent to everyone on your list - because it doesn't. In fact, (and you didn't hear this from us) if there are people on your list that are what we like to call "obligatory invites" = people you really have to invite due to family ties, or professional connections, this would be a good time to hold off. We aren't saying to disinvite them, but if they only receive the formal invitation then no harm done. The reality is if you are inviting your boss to the wedding simply because it's the politically correct thing to do, then you are probably secretly hoping he/she doesn't come. Having said all this, we do recommend you make sure you send your save the date to people who might interact with eachother. Say you have a distant Great Aunt Matilda who you are inviting purely out of family obligation. Normally you would not send her a save the date. However, if your Great Aunt Matilda has dinner over your cousin Amy's house and sees your save the date hanging on her refrigerator there might be feelings hurt.
What should my save the dates say? How much information do I need to include? The way to think of save the dates is almost like directions. You are instructing your guests to save the date, and beyond that you are giving them all the most important information in order to make arrangements to attend. For a local wedding with not many long distance guests you could get away with just your names, the date of your wedding and the town where you will be holding the event. However, that is rarely the case. Usually planning couples have information they would like to communicate. Here are the various ways to do so and things you can include:
The date:
Your names:
You can keep it casual and just use your first names or if you are concerned this might confuse your guests you can use both of your full names. However, the point can be made if your guests don't know you by your first names, why are they being invited?
The place:
You really don't need to give them the exact GPS location of you wedding but just a general region would be a good idea. For example, "New York City."
Everything beyond those first three elements is optional.
Hotel information:
Chances are you are going to reserving some hotel blocks for your guests. If you know that information it would very helpful to your guests to have it early with your save the date. However if haven't gotten to your blocks yet, don't worry. You can include that information with your formal invitation. If you aren't doing blocks for your guests, its still not a bad idea to recommend places to stay to your guests.
Website URL:
Wedding websites are a great idea. It gives you a place to communicate all the information you have unlimited. It also can be updated as decisions are made - which should be a great comfort to you.
Airport information:
If a lot of your guests are flying to your wedding, then you might want to include how far your ceremony and reception location is from the airport. Also to note, several of the major airlines will offer a discount that you can pass onto your guests. You simply need to call the airlines in advance and explain that you are planning a large event.
Car rental information:
Car rental company will do the same. They will offer a discount that you can pass onto your guests. Again, call the car rental companies in advance and explain that you are planning a large event.
Things to do/Places to eat:
This type of information is totally optional but can be a nice touch for your guests especially if they are coming long distance to attend your wedding. It could convince your guests to make an extended weekend of your wedding if you suggest some fun activities for everyone before and after your wedding. Also, if you have favorite restaurant recommendations that can be a nice personal touch for your guests to enjoy.
Lastly, be sure to include the text "Formal Invitation to Follow"
If you don't you will be surprised at how many people will call you thinking your save the date is your wedding invitation. Your great Aunt Matilda (assuming you sent her that save the date after all) is going to ask, "Where is the rsvp card?"
-written by Lauren Franklin

If you know The Versatile Golden Retriever
Saturday, June 14th, 2008
3:11 am
White Spot (Ichthyophthirius) in Tropical Fish
White Spot (Ichthyophthirius) in Tropical Fish
 by: Nate Jamieson
One of the most common diseases encountered by tropical fish hobbyists, is the common parasite known as "ick" or "ich", for ichthyophthirius. In most cases, white spots on a fish's scales are the first sign noticed, although it's possible fish may begin rubbing themselves against objects as well, since it's a very irritating condition.
In severe cases, the fish may even have a gray slimy appearance to their body. By the time obvious symptoms develop, your tank would be well-infested. In the initial stage, the parasite will burrow under the fish's scales and skin, where it lingers, feeding off the skin cells and blood of its host until it's fully developed.
The Ich then breaks through the skin of the fish and falls off into the water, landing on the substrate where it forms a cyst, and begins to multiply, producing up to 1,000 new parasites. The entire life cycle can take as little as 4-6 days.
Because the most vulnerable stage is when they are free swimming, it will be necessary to treat the entire tank, because once a parasite has started to replicate, the tank is already contaminated. You can however, remove severely infected fish to a hospital tank for some extra, topical treatments to try and help it recover, and to prevent secondary infections.
The home tank should be treated by raising the temperature four degrees, and adding a small amount of aquarium salt. Any inhabitants that can't tolerate the salt, should be moved to their own, separate tank until the original one is free of parasites. Medications for adding to the water are available at your fish supply store. Remember that because of their life cycle, and needing to treat the free swimming stage, you will need to medicate the tank every few days, and the entire course of treatment can take up to three weeks.

More and more - How To Clean A Bird Bath
Monday, June 9th, 2008
3:11 am
Bullfight Blues
Bullfight Blues
 by: Kacy Carrr
Spain's notorious Bullfight is one of the most famous customs upheld by the Spanish. It draws attention worldwide from people who just love the sport, and also from many others who are agains't this barbaric onslaught.
I hasten to add that this kind of entertainment is not for me, but for many thousands that travel to watch a Bullfight they get the mingle with the dedicated locals who have a tradition to uphold. This is a sure sign that they do not feel the way I do.
Stuffed like sardines into a jam packed arena, avid enthusiasts who in support of this sport continue to excite each other with roars of encouragement for the Bullfight to commence. Cheers of Ole is how excited spectators greet this mighty powerful bull as he makes his grand entance and presence known to all.
Confused and not sure as to why he was the center of attention, the bull decides to take advantage of his new famed popularity by giving a priceless perfomance to the maddening crowd. He would do this by digging his hoof into the ground beneath him sending dust clouds swirling into the air while at the same time from his steaming nostrils an encore of snorts.
Looking more like a riot at football match the cramped stadium and all the commotion makes the beast very nervous.
Why he was summoned here today he did not know - but he was soon to find out.
What on earth is the Bull thinking?
Sheer jubilation among the crowds as the adrenalin began pump for all, as it was only minutes away before the Bullfight.
Picadores armed with lances announce there presence into the arena on horseback to a stadium of screaming fans. All mounts blind folded.
These men (Picadores) Their job is to tantalise and maim the bull before slaughter. This is done by following orders that on departure from the ring that they leave all weapons behind, and they do just that.
Pierced in-between the shoulder blades of the Bull.
What on earth is that Bull thinking now?
This is just the beginning of the end. Stunned dazed and hurting, the bull now with so many body piercings still manages a few breathless snorts. The reflection of his image is like that of a voodoo doll. Not a pretty sight.
The efforts of the Picadores were never enough at a bullfight, you have the Banderilleros whose mission is to distract the bull, and how would do this is to run in circles in and around the animal thus making him tired and dizzy.
How do you distract a dying bull with so much blood loss? not a hard job, the bull's options for escape are zilch.
Stabbed and drained of his almighy strength and unable to raise his head due his injuries. Makes the bull an easy target for any Matador.
In all his finery the murderer oops sorry Matador enters the arena. Black beret, jewelled bolero red cape and breeches buttoned at the knees..This sight alone was enough to scare any bull.
Spurred on by the cheering crowds to cast the faal blow, the Matador prokes his dying opponent to charge. All attempts made by this sad oh so sad disoriented bull to retaliate to the words TORO were not that of a fully charged up angry irate bull. Amenesty is given to the bull should the Matador miss his target. A slayer is called in to put the beast out of his misery by cutting the spinal cord with a dagger. Has this bull not had enough stabbings for the day? This action can go terribly wrong leaving the bull conscious paralysed and in severe pain.
Remove the lances and spears
Replace the blood loss with a transfusion
Give the bull back his pride
Now throw the Matador back in in to the ring 100% hereo of the day THE BULL
Want to know what the bull was thinking (What did I do to deserve this)
To think a couple of hours before the Bullfight this bull was chewing the cud in fields of green.

All about Is the Havanese the right Puppy for you?
Friday, January 11th, 2008
9:18 pm
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Thursday, January 10th, 2008
10:12 pm
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Tuesday, January 21st, 2003
11:32 pm
Hello from SMAP
Hello I am Kusanagi Tsuyoshi. Nice to meet you.

I am your interest? I am happy for this (^_^) Do you draw pictures of SMAP often?

Please show give me picture of myself. I would like very much!

bai bai!

Current Mood: ecstatic
Sunday, October 13th, 2002
11:04 pm
Hello, everybody!
Wee. How should I start? Well, these are my pictures, and ignore the photograph, because that was for art. Also, this format of the site doesn't let me put the lj-cut thingies, so they will be like this.


Wee!! I'm the first to post! (I wonder why). Post any time you want to! And if you want to, recruite anyone who you think has some interest in this. Haha. Tells you how desparate I am, huh?

Oh well. Come back again!ii

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