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draw_your_mind's Journal

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Hello everybody who loves drawing and painting and such! So the basic information about this community(which is long):

1. What is this community?
2. What can I post?
3. Why did you create this community?
4. Who can join?
5. Any special stuff?
6. I will get banned if...
7. ...Do you need help?
8. Updates and announcements.

1. This community is a community that is open to all you visual art lovers. It's here for you to enjoy the others' drawings and paintings and etc., for you to boast your sk ills....mostly t o have fun.

2. Anything that's a visual art(and is a rated 'E' picture). Comics/mangas are welcome; heck, I'll post some of my own. Fanarts are welcome(although I prefer stuff that's in the interests section. But that doesn't bind yo u. Post those Ru rouni Kenshin pictures!!). Sketches of real objects/animals/scenery(you get the point) are welcome, your own creations are welcome, computer graphics are welcome.

3. Because at school, 345, the maintanence person, doesn't get as muc h attention as she wants to. I want to boast, man(and there are millions out there that are better than me)!!!!

4. Anyone. The more the merrier! ....Don't leave me alo~~~~ne.....

5. Maybe. Not at the time.

6. ...I post any over 18 kind of material(Greek statue looking stuff is fine).
...I swear, cuss, curse, say bad words, profanitate(wha...?). Hell is fine. Jack-ass is fine. If it's in the dictionary, it's fine.
...I p ost a comment t hat is offensive, discrimminating, false(on purpose), etc. Being honest is good. "This picture sucks!" is OK. If you state the reasons, that will be even better. If you make those kind of comments because you simply don't like that per son, that is bad. No.
...plagerize(did I spell that right? I don't think so).
...I think more, but don't remember.

7. Yes, I do. I am an idiot on computers, so I don't know how to add pictures in the background of the community, or make icons, whatever th i ng s li ke that. If you would tell me how, that will be greatly appreaciated. I need an icon now!

8. What? None.

Last but not least, tell me any suggestions you have, any helpful tips, any comments you have. They will be greatly appreciated! Thankya'!